The Conservation ID is a six character code that can be obtained by active license holders having at least one of the following privileges: a current seasonal (Annual, 10-Day, 3-Day) "all game", a Game Check Hunter Exempt License Privilege (H.E.L.P), or a Lifetime hunting privileges. The Conservation ID along with their Date of Birth identifies the hunter for harvest reporting purposes ONLY. It does not replace the requirement for a license as required.
This is your 16 digit Alabama hunting license number for all annual or trip licenses.   Required field Annual License
Lifetime Licenses
Over the years, there have been many different formats for the lifetime licenses. Required field Current lifetime license, enter card number:
Current Lifetime

It is recommended that all older formats lifetime licenses be replaced.
Here are sample of older formats. Many of these older lifetime license numbers were duplicated. The number of digits for these license numbers will vary.  Do not input the letter(s) if your license has them after the year. For example: "117 89F" should be entered as "1989117". 
Lifetime 2007
Lifetime 1989
Lifetime 1983